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What if Weight Loss Could Actually be Effortless?

You're busy and you just want something that works.

You've tried everything, you don't have time for hours at the gym, you just want a plan that is simple, easy and will get you the rockin' body you've always dreamed of.

I think you deserve that! So I created it. It starts with one week. Learn to effortlessly create the body you love to live in.

Start with my Nutritional Self Care Guide:

Learn what the most important aspects of health to focus on are and where you should personally apply your efforts.


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Creating your ideal body & healthy life can feel intimidating


I’m a life coach, nurse, mother, yoga instructor, and perpetual student of the human experience.

I spent 15 years caught in the weight loss shame cycle, feeling powerless to change my life or my body. I’ve always been someone who was relatively healthy, made good choices, exercised, but I’ve always been just a little overweight. I thought it was just how my body was. But it’s not. I’ve learned the true science behind weight loss, maintaining a stable weight throughout all of life’s stages, and how our hormones and emotional well-being influence all of it.

Now, I share what I have learned in my own health journey to help others transform their lives... for better, and for good.

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I used to hate my body.

I worked out, I ate right, I practiced 'moderation' yet my body never seemed to do what I wanted! I was miserable. You can see it.

Then I realized I was going about it all wrong. The key wasn't to CHANGE my body so I could love it,  it was to LOVE my body and then it would change.

Our physical bodies are a reflection of our whole life: how we think, how we feel and what we do.

I don't teach diets, I teach self care. It's genuine, nourishing, personalized and 100% effective. You deserve to shine from the inside out.

Start now by downloading my nutritional self care guide to start making your personalized plan now.


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Jason & JoDee

"Our lives are completely different now. We look at food and how we fuel our lives in a whole new way. It's like magic. I stick to my plan because I don't want to disappoint Kim, but she continues to teach me that it's really me I am doing this for. We have a whole new perspective on how we live our lives and it's really empowering. I have successfully quit my diet soda habit and am off of insulin after 8 weeks!"


"My experience through her...program made me look at things differently to create real needed change that aligned perfectly with my goals. Her approach is to ask questions to uncover my needs and create relatable tasks that facilitate improvement in areas of focus. Our discussions were enlightening, as I learned many new techniques that I can implement in multiple facets of my life. Our sessions facilitated thoughtful discussion in my family and has opened our potential to achieve a goal that I did not think was attainable. She is approachable, relatable, knowledgeable and helps make hard habit changes fun! Thank you Kim!!"


"I love the new me because I now know how easy it is. I no longer get mad. I have confidence in myself that I won’t fail again. I see the number on the scale getting smaller and I use that as motivation to keep going. The reward is totally worth it."

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